Junior Toddler Class


This classroom is dedicated to children aged 12 -19 months. It can accommodate up to 11 children. The ratio of Educators to children is 1:4.


In particular, the Junior Toddler program:

  • recognizes each child’s individuality and pace of development
  • encourages on-going daily communication with parents
  • provides a stimulating atmosphere through a variety of activities, toys and play areas
  • provides guidance in a secure environment from warm and caring educators.

A daily log is maintained on a classroom whiteboard for each child so that parents are aware of feeding, sleeping time, diapering reports, and other pertinent notes.




7:15 – 8:00 a.m. Arrival – greeting time with children and parents. Breakfast is offered.

Free Play.

To provide opportunity for parents to speak with teachers. Provide a warm welcome for the child and the parents.

To provide nourishment for the children.

8:00 – 8:50 a.m. Free Play Opportunity to make choices. Sharing and social opportunities.
8:50 – 9:00 a.m. Wash hands for snack Hygiene, bonding and basic care.
9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Snack and Basic Hygiene (toileting/diaper changes)

Free Play

Provides good nutrition and promotes good hygiene practices.
10:00 – 11:10 a.m. Outdoor play: walk or green space.

Centres of Activities (daily sensory/water/or sand activities)

Explore natural environment. Exercise and fresh air; promotes opportunity for exploration; provides choices.
11:00 – 11:15 a.m. Group Movement Time, stories, music, puppets Provides the opportunity for transition to lunch in a fun way using stories and songs in a social setting together also focusing on literacy
11:20 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Wash Hands


Hot nutritional meal and social interaction; develops life skills.

To practice cup and spoon manipulation and fine motor skills in a social setting.

12:00 – 12:15 p.m. Clean-up and basic hygiene

Prepare for nap time with stories, soothing sounds and dimmed lights


Consistent opportunities for cleanliness to promote health and well-being. Wind down for nap/relaxation time. Calm environment in order to prepare for natural low times (sleepy) of the day.
12:15 – 2:15 p.m. Relaxation time Rest quietly and/or sleep to renew oneself: body, mind and soul.
2:15 – 3:00 p.m. Snack

Basic Hygiene (diaper changes)

Nourishment and social skills.
3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Outdoor play/centres of interest sensory, Art, etc. Promotes gross motor, self help, social-emotional skills through play.
5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Clean-up and greet parents.


Opportunities for decision-making and problem-solving; time to talk with parents about child’s day.